Celebrity Nachos: Stacey Ervin Jr

ervin JR

Stacey Ervin Jr. has torn through life like a bicep or a minor tornado. He is a man of tremendous shirt, surrounded by an enduring aura of hair. The stories that have circulated about his years with and around (not so unlike certain planetary moons) USA Olympic circles rarely concur and often flatly contradict each other. He may or may not have a wedge of cheddar cheese tattooed on his left buttock. We do know he lives in Florida, dates a gymnast, owns French bulldogs, and understands the empowering effects of eating nachos. With over 8 years of experience, he has created the formula for helping clients go from living lost, anxious, & empty to fulfilled & purposeful in less than 4 months: nachos! He has published two chapbooks of poetry but both are prose poetry and dabble in non-projective allegorical verse with Kafkaesque echoes, therefore had print runs of 25-50, individual and staple-bound (both book covers involve abstract hand-drawn renditions of flaming lettuce). No copies are now known to exist. Ervin Jr has sustained a living from inspiring YouTube videos and mentoring.


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