If the sun ever comes out again this could be place to go

cart 2

Meet Carol DiFiore and Kendra Reed. They park this nacho trailer outside the Grand Canyon 200 days of the year. Carol has no tolerance for nuance when making nachos. Kendra MADE both hats you see in this photo. Both voted for Trump but as a joke, like with Brexit. Then they awoke.

three sauces

I don’t know about you, but this looks like an underground dance scene in a Styrofoam tray to me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Kendra hand these to someone (a tourist with a head big as Kansas!) out of the window on the side. I just made a face of disbelief at the lady and she says “Those are the American bison nachos, all three sauces….” I forgot what else because she had me at American bison nachos. So there’s the tortilla chips under a fucking sleeping bag heavy blanket of queso blanco (which is Velveeta with maybe a green pepper diced). Don’t get me wrong it’s DELICIOUS. Then there’s the choice of sauce. The tourist lady went with the Sweet’n’Spicy Chile sauce and said it was PRIMO. It’s like getting photographed by a celebrity and kissed by a nobody at the same time with every bite, is what she declared (generally).

Sauce one: Sweet’n’Spicy

Sauce two: ketchup

Sauce three: mystery sauce!


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