Nachos News: Ava Elementary School in Missouri Serves Nachos for Lunch on Thursdays

Ava Elementary  Lunch Menu

Monday, Nov. 5

Hot dog on a bun, chicken and cheese quesadilla, French fries with ketchup, Cobb salad, blueberry muffin, fresh garden salad, Mandarin oranges.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Chicken and waffles with syrup, mozzarella dunkers, strawberry chicken salad, Italian bread, spring salad mix, steamed broccoli, cinnamon apples.

nachos school

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Chicken patty, meatloaf, Mandarin orange chicken salad, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, pineapple, hot rolls.

Thursday, Nov. 8

Super nachos, chicken Alfredo with Italian bread, taco salad, cornbread, Caesar side salad, refried beans, pears.

Friday, Nov. 9

Pepperoni pizza, fish sandwich, chicken bacon ranch salad, pineapple muffin, fresh garden salad, roasted vegetables, tropical fruit.


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