Thought on a Public Bus after My Lover Gouged My Eyeball with a Spork

velveeta girl

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

(This is me looking in the grimy window, BTW)

Did time shove your face into guacamole?

You never looked so green.


No one left to please?

No one left to please?

Go stick your hands in a microwave

Till there’s nothing but cheese.


Sometimes we all need a friend

A girl or guy who will bend when we bend.

Someone who’s always there

To bubblegum our hair (while we sleep).

Creep! (actual dialogue)

One half kiss for two full tacos? Hardly fair.


Wanna sniff some glue?

I’m just kidding. You’re wrong about me. I would never

sniff glue!

(Unless you want to)


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