Dainty Nachos

What are Dainty Nachos?

dainty nachos

Very simply, a light snack, with all of the structure, vividness of ingredients, and cultural significance of standard size nachos. These smaller servings are becoming increasingly popular, due to the Internet, current fitness trends, the generally reduced size of the human hand, and of course the ability to easily secret these nachos into a movie theater/funeral service without detection. (These nachos are basically the paperbacks of food, creased and hidden with love in the back pocket of your jeans.) I will now take questions:

Q: Are there any metaphors for Dainty Nachos?

David Shields: Postcards, baby carrots, a complicated dive, Tom Cruise.

Omit the needless. Strunk

Like a painting. Anon

These are nachos for the end of time. Charles Baxter.

Quick–nachos! The driver-less bus is leaving! Anon

Just a long meal, but shorter. Sherrie Flick

It is my ambition to eat in ten bites what others eat in a whole meal. Nietzsche

Q: When should I eat Dainty Nachos?

Between meals or during/in preparation for an event. Examples:

  1. Before a poetry reading in a church basement.
  2. Before dallying (if you dally at all).
  3. While watching a film.
  4. During most any meeting.
  5. Fuse blows. Darkness falls on the house. Inky. Pull Dainty Nachos from crisper drawer (behind baby carrots). Eat while walking to fuse box.
  6. While purchasing a rug.
  7. While once again discussing the weather.
  8. Right before wondering: Where are the rare and truly beautiful things in this world?
  9. While feeding a dog.
  10. Zen.
  11. When you need to anticipate some future pleasure to avoid present depression. Prepare several servings of Dainty Nachos and hide in various parts of your fridge. Later, remember, and dig them out. And fall to.

Q: Do Dainty Nachos go by other names?

Naturally. Dainty Nachos (like all nachos) are international. In Chile they are called micronachocciones. In Japan, “Palm-of-the-Hand.” In China, Smokelongs (since they take about as long as smoking a cigarette to prepare). In France, I forget, but it’s basically the feeling you get when realizing your future is potentially shorter than your past. In America, Dainty Nachos.

Q: Recipe?


  1. Do not preheat the microwave.
  2. Grab two peppers (any in the world that are green [these in photo are common salsa peppers]). Chop them up.
  3. Place eight to fourteen corn tortilla chips in a small, high bowl (at least 4 inches deep).
  4. Scatter sharp cheddar cheese over chips. Zap for 22 seconds or until slightly melted. (Less melted cheddar will have more umami taste!)
  5. Pour on a bit of salsa.
  6. Toss the peppers in.
  7. Squirt a long line of sour cream, sort of Pollock-like.
  8. Eat with a carbonated beverage of your choice, seltzer, beer, Kombucha.
  9. Hot sauce optional. I hit this batch with Zombie Apocalypse (Bhut Jolokia Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Carrot, Mandarin Orange, Tomatoes, Distilled White Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Sugar). zombie
  10. Eat.

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